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Magna-Lite 100 with TWEEZER attachment


The Model 1004-TW is the approximate 5 power Magna-Lite with industrial quality tweezers attached to the unit. This is a professional model and intended for industrial use only.

The 1004-TW with tweezers includes:
•Our own type 222 long lasting high intensity wide beam bulb
•Two AAA zinc-chloride batteries (average shelf-life 2-1/2 years)
•Complete instructions

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The Magna-Lite 100 with tweezer attachment is designed for close work that requires magnification, light and the versatility of tweezers. It is ideal for delicate jewelry repairs, electronics, printed microcircuits, electronics, lab technicians, engineers and telephone repair. Included is a conveniently placed on/off switch that can be locked in the on position for extended use.

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 1 in


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