Magna Lite is the Original hand-held illuminated magnifier.

Our patented design has excellence built into every part,

from the optical-quality lens to the durable, impact-resistant casing.

And each Magna-Lite comes with a conveniently-placed on/off switch that can be locked in the “on” position for extended use. We also provide zinc-chloride batteries (average shelf-life is 2-1/2 yrs.), a long lasting high-intensity bulb and complete instructions for use, maintenance and bulb/battery replacement.


2Whether you are doing intricate work on electronics, trying to read a road map late at night, or challenged with weak or impaired vision, the Magna-Lite name means a high-powered magnifying tool that literally illuminates your world. From professional to home settings, there is a model to meet everyone’s needs.

Magna-Lite Magnifiers are ideally suited for:

• students
• hobbyists and naturalists
• stamp and coin collectors
• personalized gifts and premiums
• lab technicians
• telephone repair
• airplane pilots
• engineers
• close-up work for photographers and artists

• users of magnifying glasses
• users of large-print books
• working on printed microcircuits
• reading in dark restaurants or theaters
• low vision and vision impaired
• most everyone in most every situation… and ~ of course, you!
• delicate repairs & close work
• easy reading of maps & street guides
• jewelry repair
• computer enthusiasts
• newspapers & stock market quotations
• legal papers & contracts
• fine industrial inspection
• quality control

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